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Minecraft Edu with Modding (4th-8th Grade)

Monday - Friday                                      June 19th-23rd                                                                    10.00a.m.-Noon

Why Minecraft game still popular for many years after its initial release? Minecraft allows player to import the way the game looks and behaves called modding. In this class, students will learn how to import many different types of mod such as Pixelmon Mod or Galactic Craft Mod. At the same time, students will be learning how Galactic Craft Mod can teach them further about space, rocket launch, astronauts, and moon landing. Modding Minecraft is quite fun and challenging.

Tuition: $240.00



2D Game Design (4th-8th Grade)

Monday - Friday                                      June 26th - 30th                                                                  10.00a.m.-Noon

Do you like to play games? How would you like to learn to create your own game instead of playing them? This course teaches students how to create their own role-playing game. Students will learn basic character design, level design, game planning, collision detection, environment background, and sound.

Tuition: $240.00


Intro to Java Programming (5th-8th Grade)

Monday - Friday                                      July 10th-14th                                                                                                         10.00a.m.-Noon

Java is a programming language being used everyday. We used Java applications on web-site, games, super data center, and cell phone to internet. This course will focus on basic Java Programming and foundation of programming. Learning programming can be fun and enhancing game experiences. No prior programming experiences is necessary.

Tuition: $240.00


Digital Arts with Photoshop (4th-8th Grade)

Monday - Friday                                    July 17th  - 21st                                                                     10.00a.m.-Noon

By taking our Digital Arts with Photoshop class, we hope students can become creators of digital content. Students will be learning Geometric Concepts (math), Impressionistic Art, (visual arts), and Alliteration Poem (language arts). At the same time, students will be learning new Photoshop tools and techniques. Students will continue to improve their Photoshop skills while learning new Math and Science, Language Arts, and Visual Arts projects throughout the series.

Tuition: $240.00


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